CrackleRock Brewery beers are available in a variety of sizes, from 2 pint containers up to 72 pint casks.  If you are looking for something different, be it larger volumes or for us to cater your event then please give us a call and we can discuss pricing. 

Always Available Beers

Crackerjack OG 1039, ABV 3.8%  Bronze Award Winner!

At only 3.8% this crisp clean Hoppy lighter coloured ale will still put lead in your pencil.... A very slight citrus after taste completes the full hop flavour gained from the Galaxy, Dana and Perle hops.  A very full flavour 3.8% beer.


Verified  ABV 4.0% - A new one to the family.  

A truly justifiable easy drinking ale, will leave you wanting more.  A fair amount of hops including Cascade, Citra, Chinook and Mosaic.  100% pale ale malt.  Delivers a bitter back end from the array of hops.  lighter in colour with a powerful fruit and tropical undertone.  fully ratified

Fire Cracker OG 1043, ABV 4.2% 

A good all round traditional English Best Bitter with considerable depth in taste.  The malt and the hops blending together without producing any extreme unbalanced flavours.  A hint of Chocolate malt together with the First Gold and Crystal hops gives this ale a rich taste.   For all those that love it,  its back on (01/12/20)


GoldRush OG 1046, ABV 4.5 %

A premium golden ale.  Bursting with flavour.  A subtle sweetness but not too overpowering.  Leaves a clean and crisp taste in the mouth.  A lingering morish after taste gained from the cascade, Chinook and Challenger hop. 

Dark Destroyer OG 1049, ABV 4.9 %

A rich, strong, dark, smooth, porter style ale.  A little caramel but not too burnt, a hint of sharp bitter that dissipates in the mouth.  Well balanced with chocolate malt.  For those who want full bodies ale and that everlasting porter taste.  Step into the darkness. 

Crafty Shag OG 1050, 5.0% 

A smooth, strong, full bodies, well balanced and rounded ale.  Big on the malt taste but still clean on the pallet with Challenger and Rahau hops delivering the enjoyable fresh aftertaste.

Crackatoa IPA OG 1060 ABV 6.2% Beer of Festival Winner!

A substantial Indian pale ale taking the best characteristics of an IPA.  Enticing aromas of hops with Simco taking a good bashing and slight overtones of citrus. Take it easy on this one, she is a beauty but one to be respected


Our new CrackleRock Keg beers

Black Panther 4.6%- a take on the Dark Destroyer but hopped up and colder

Devil's Rock  - a smooth, lighter ale, masses of mosaic.  not available in lock down

Lockup 4.5% - An amber ale with a delicate blend of Simco and Mosaic  not available in lock down


Gringos Gold 4.7%  -  A Delight for those gold hoppy keg beer lovers  with Chinook and loads of Cascade 




Special ales - brewed from time to time 

Merlin Mild 4.0% - A proper Mild 

Delicious traditional brewed mild, lightly hopped, darker colour and full of taste. Not available

Wild Willow -  wheat beer 4.7% 

If wheat's your thing then we've done one for you.  We've held the wheat at 40% so you still get some clarity with not to much haze.   But it's a special so get it when you can!  Not Available

Mighty Madness 4.6 % 

A giant tawny tipple.  Available in the tap room for drinking on the spot or retail take-outs.   The newest addition to our range of ales going out at a full bodied 4.6%.  This dark tawny bitter is there to add more variety and is just a little bit bonkers!  Not available

Christmas Cracker 5.2%  2020 Available NOW

2020 brings us the new Christmas Cracker available now in Bottles or on the pump for different volumes of take away.  A beautiful ruby, slightly malty flavour Cracker. with a background of Citra hops.  oh yes give this one a try




Buying beer from us


We always aim to have beer in stock, but occasionally we may run out so please do order ahead of time if you can so we can make sure we can fulfil your order and have it ready to drink.


Beer is sold in

  • Bottles £2.50 each, Gift pack of 3 for £9.00  

  • 2 pint plastic reusable bottles  40p

  • 4 pint plastic reusable bottles  60p

  • 4 pint flagons.  Re-usable - cost £5.00 and yours to keep and reuse

  • Poly Pins Mini-pins (9 pint £5.00 ).  This is a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. reusable

  • Poly Pins single use (9 pint  £3.00)

  • Poly Pins single use (18 pints £4.00.)

  • Poly-pins single use (36 pints £6.00).  This is a plastic  bag inside a cardboard box.  

  • Firkins (9 gallons = 72 pints).  This is a stainless steel cask like you see at pubs, and the cost includes the loan of a tap and vent.  If you need a hand to set it up then let us know.   There is a £50 deposit for the firkin.

Beer in mini-pins and poly-pins is usually supplied "bright", which means you do not need to settle it at all and it can be used straight away.  Mini-pins and poly-pins can be supplied with sediment if you want this.  Beer with sediment continues to produce small amounts of carbon-dioxide and helps the beer to keep for longer periods.  If you are going to drink the beer within a few days or don't want to wait to settle it for 24 hours, then it is best to order bright beer.  This is what most people do.  Firkins are usually supplied with sediment but can be racked "bright" if you would like this.